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The 5 Characteristics of Everyone's Dream Car

The term "dream car" has no single definition.

A dream car is purely reflective of the personality of the beholder. All cars are different (except badge-engineered vehicles), as are the people who drive them. As a result, there isn't a real definition of a dream car or a list of cars that qualify as dream cars.

Everybody's tastes are different. Men in their midlife crises dream of owning Mazda MX-5s, and Porsche 911s on the rare occasions. Twelve-year-old boys worldwide yearn to own either a Bugatti Veyron or a Nissan GTR. My sister has a strange obsession for Honda Fits. I do not know why.

You cannot argue with what somebody's dream car is. It is their dream; you don't have the right to do so. If someone dreams of owning a Honda Civic LX with a CVT, let them dream. They may be a very boring person, but their dream car is their dream car. There are no set terms for what a dream car can or cannot be; however, here's a list of five loose guidelines that everybody's dream car has to be.

5. Cost Is No Object

Whatever your dream car is, you should never let cost lead you to dream to yearning for a much cheaper car. If your dream car is, for instance, a Ferrari 250 GTO, but a $30 million auction price shys you away, you shouldn't opt to buy a Kia Soul instead.

I'm not recommending that you get a 288-month loan at 1,000,000% APR, but you should never let money be the barrier between you and your dreams. While it is an overused saying, if you put your mind to it, you can do absolutely anything. Never give up on your dreams.

4. It's a Cool Car

Regardless of the car or the person, a dream car has to have a "cool" factor. The term "cool" means different things to different people, and as a result, my definition of "cool" differs from yours.

Your dream car might be a Toyota Prius. You might think that its technologically advanced hybrid system and superior fuel efficiency is cool. I believe that the Corvette Z06 is cool because will 650 horsepower and rear-wheel drive ever not be cool?

3. It Makes Memories

Any real dream car will not fade into the memory of the dreamer. A dream car isn't quickly forgotten, and you will be very slow to put another vehicle in its place.

2. It Has Character

Every dream car has to have character. It can't be as mundane and as characterless as my vacuum cleaner.

1. It's Fun

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the smile your dream car puts on your face. If a Fiesta ST is more joyous to you than a Lamborghini Aventador, embrace it.

As a car enthusiast, nothing brings me more joy than how people express themselves through their cars. A person's car, and any modifications they may make, tells you a lot about that person. Many of us car enthusiasts make fun of "ricers" who modify their cars in rather unorthodox manners that many of us don't find appealing. Everybody expresses themselves differently; someone else's ways simply might not be yours.

Never let money or practicality crush your dreams. You can achieve your dreams. Never throw them away.

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