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$11 Windshield Cleaning Tool Has Over 11,000 Amazon Ratings (And Perfectionists Love It)

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Sometimes birds (and harsh winds) really do a number on your windshield. Activating my windshield wipers and fluid to clean my windshield isn't enough sometimes, which is why a top-rated windshield cleaner tool comes in handy. This gadget is receiving so much praise on Amazon, so it must do a great job at targeting dirt and grime.

You might say exterior car care is all about "looking nice," but it does come down to safety too! You'll have a much better view of the road if you get those bird droppings and dirt that last week's thunderstorm dumped on your windshield off.

X XINDELL Window Windshield Cleaning Tool Microfiber Cloth Car Cleanser Brush with Detachable Handle Auto Inside Glass Wiper Interior Accessories Car Cleaning Kit

  • Reusable
  • No window glass cleaner or paper towels needed
  • Under $12

What's Included?

The window cleaner tool combo comes with a detachable handle (that can be dissembled into halves for storage), two washable cleaning microfiber pads, and one 30ml spray bottle.

How the Window Cleaning Tool Lives Up to the Hype

Using the high-quality car glass cleaning tool is simple. For interior cleaning, use it dry (or spray water onto the cleaning pad). Just be sure not to spray too much, or smudges will appear! This is a great product to have for de-misting your vehicle on cold winter mornings. Thanks to the extendable handle, you'll be able to reach just about every inch of fog and lint!

For cleaning the exterior, use it dry for a streak-free windshield. Since the microfiber windshield cleaner can rotate 180 degrees, the pivoting head will reach nooks and crannies.

"Well can't I just use the car windshield cleaner at the gas station?" That's fine too! However, this is one glass cleaning tool you'll want to use on your car's interior as well. With the extension pole, you'll be able to clean hard-to-reach places.

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No more straining, plus, this is great if using automotive products thousands of people have touched gives you the ick! Just have your own products ready for use, from anywhere, anytime.

3 Things Customers Are Saying About the Car Window Cleaner

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