Tubing Behind a 500-HP jet ski
YouTube: BoostedBois

Tubing Behind This 500-HP Jet Ski Looks Like a Total Blast


Now, this brings tubing to a whole different level! If you've had the opportunity to do so, tubing is one of the greatest summer activities around. However, most of the time, folks will tube anywhere from 20 to 35 MPH. With that being said, this video released by BoostedBoiz on YouTube shows them tubing behind a 500-horsepower jet ski, towing this tube to speeds over 70 MPH.

If you couldn't tell by the channel name, the BoostedBoiz are no strangers to big turbos and high-performance vehicles. While it takes a little while to get to the tubing action, the guys eventually go full send on the Florida waters, and, of course, Kyle's friends all have decked-out skis capable of extremely fast speeds. One of them happened to bring a bullet-shaped tube along, and Kyle was quick to volunteer to be the one inside.

He also brings the GoPro along to catch the inside view, but, unfortunately, there isn't too much to see when you're skipping along the water at nearly 80 MPH. It was still pretty insane watching the outside camera views as they fly by at full speed. You just better hope you don't fall out, because tumbling at these speeds could be a little bit painful. The tubing was cool, but I'm seriously impressed with the machines themselves. They sound amazing as the turbo screams during full throttle, and now I have an undying desire to go purchase one before the summer season.


They end the day with a some exploration, finding an abandoned boat named Charisma. That's what it's all about: Just getting out in the sun with your friends and enjoying the time with the help of some performance jet skis. Overall, I have to give some respect to Kyle for being the only one man enough to get inside that tube, even with the water being pretty chilly.

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