toyota hilux durability test
YouTube: WhistlinDiesel

Toyota Hilux Gets Purposely Wrecked and Tows 30,000 Pounds Uphill for the Ultimate Durability Test


If you've ever seen Whistlin Diesel's videos on YouTube before, then you know these guys truly put trucks through the ringer. It really measures their durability, as they're normally completely destroyed by the time they're done with them. Recently, they picked up a pristine condition Toyota Hilux and decided to see what it was made of.

The first 10 seconds of the video should give you a pretty great example of what kind of tests he puts this truck though. Now, a light-duty pickup such as this isn't really made to be hauling a gooseneck trailer, but that wasn't about to stop the guy from trying. Not only does he hook up the 8,500-pound trailer, but he also loads a 12,000-pound skid loader, as well as a 8,400-pound Ford F-450 on top. All said and done, he's got right under 30,000 pounds loaded up behind the Hilux.

While most light trucks would crumble under that kind of weight, the Hilux kept its composure. Sure, it may have squatted the back suspension completely, but amazingly nothing breaks. What's even more astounding is the fact that it actually pulls it around without struggling. Even he's blown away by the results. After a few loops around his property, he unloads the trailer and checks out if there's any damage underneath. To his surprise, nothing bent, nothing broke, and the suspension just went right back to normal once the weight was removed.


The whole idea behind this originated after Top Gear deemed the Hilux to be the world's most indestructible truck. After seeing this guy do some of his own tests, it just proved the point even further. Keep in mind, this is only one of the many tests he put this truck through. If you want to realistically see how dependable the Toyota Hilux is, I'd recommend checking out the entire four-part series that's uploaded on Whistlin Diesel. You won't regret it.

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