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Tiny Turbo Keychain Works Great on Any RC Car


As you've probably seen, those little turbo keychains you can get on the internet actually work when you pump air through them. But, this clever armchair engineer mounted his in-line on an actual nitro RC car and, lo and behold, it actually appears to boost the engine. Or, at the very least, it sounds pretty cool and looks like it's putting out some serious power. Something tells us it's mostly just for show.

Turbocharger Keychains on Amazon

Now, if you're feeling inspired by this gearhead's project, there are plenty of high-quality, best-seller turbo keychains on Amazon, perfect for anyone's wishlist. Take the Boostnatics Rechargeable Electric Electronic Turbo Keychain with Sounds + LED, for example. Made from zinc alloy and equipped with a powerful LED light, the Boostnastics keychain only requires you to flip an ON button to start boosting. Yep, there's no air blowing required.

When the ON button is held down, the keychain emits a turbo spool up sound. When it's released, the keychain will produce one of two blow off valve sounds. Pretty awesome, right? According to the customer reviews, this thing is the real deal.

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If you're looking for something a little bit different, there's the Five Piece Auto Parts Metal Key Chain Set from GT//Rotors. The set includes a wrench keychain, a gunmetal black turbo keychain, a gunmetal racing wheel keychain, a six-speed gear shift box keychain, and a red rotor keychain. This would definitely make for a great stocking stuffer gift, or, if you don't want to wait until Christmas, something to get the car enthusiast in your life just because.

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There's also the 4 Auto Part Model Metal Keychain/Key Ring/Holder Set from Ispeedytech. The set comes with a bright black wheel rim tire keychain, a spinning turbo keychain, a six-speed manual transmission shift keychain, and a red spring shock absorber keychain.

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This post was originally posted on March 20, 2019.

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