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RC Stunt Pilot Performs Awesome Maneuvers With 100cc Plane

Flying his 100cc RC airplane called the Beast, this RC stunt pilot shows off some incredible moves that really makes us wish we could get our hands on one of these things. He immediately inverts the plane after takeoff, before showing off his arsenal of spins, stalls, and even a dash of skywriting. This dude's a pro!

We're particularly impressed that he basically ghost rides the airplane by stalling inches above the ground and slowly walking it forward down the runway. Pure control with a lot less danger than real stunt piloting. Again, this is something we really wish we could try for ourselves.

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Unfortunately, according to Horizon Hobby, sale of the Beast has been discontinued, but here's a brief look at the incredible machine's backstory

The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert, Kevin Kimball, who actually collaborated with 3D champ and Hangar 9 product developer Quique Somenzini on its design. The brute power of its 410 hp engine combined with the finesse of its neck-snapping 370 degree/second roll rate make it one of the most formidable aerobatic planes ever created.

Drawing on his experience with the design of the full-scale Beast, Quique created this licensed 100cc reproduction for Hangar 9. He did so with the full cooperation of Mr. Kimball as well as Bryan Jensen, the Beast's pilot and owner, and Mirco Pecorari who designed the full-scale plane's trim scheme. At the heart of the model's design is a rigid, lightweight airframe that features thinner wings for better top speed and agility.

Now, as you already saw from the video, you could see this plane coming from a mile away, with its 2,490 square-inch wingspan and all. The Beast is right!

This post was originally published on March 2, 2017.

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