This new gadget could let you go unbelievably long between oil changes


Hold on, everyone. The Germans are being efficient again. Christian Wilhelm and Christian Hubmann teamed up to invent the potentially miraculous robinOne.

The upcoming product boasts that it'll be able to extend the life between oil changes to 124,000 miles, with periodic cleanings in between oil changes. When you consider that most oil changes are recommended between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, that means you'll be saving a huge amount of money.

Hubmann and Wilhelm set out to build their product with three goals in mind: Create jobs, save money and help protect the environment. If robinOne works as advertised, and doesn't destroy engines, then it will easily accomplish those goals.


According to the video from their IndieGogo page, one liter of oil can pollute a million liters of water. With millions of oil changes in the U.S. every year, that's a lot of chances for oil leak into the water supply.

The robinOne is available for preorder at $150 and is expected to retail for $299. If it works, you'll definitely be saving money, plus the environment. If not, RIP to your engine.

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