Wooden Lamborghini Sian Roadster
YouTube: ND - Woodworking Art

This Dad Spent 65 Days Building a Wooden Lamborghini Sian Roadster for His Son


Alright, this guy deserves father of the year. It took Tr??ng V?n ??o 65 days from start to finish in order to craft this small-scale wooden Lamborghini Sian Roadster, but it was clearly worth every second. Fortunately for us, he filmed the entire process. His son is going to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood, that's for sure.

Starting out with large wooden blocks, V?n ??o got to work carving the body shape out with a small chainsaw, before applying the final detailed curves with an angle grinder and a chisel. Once the shape was set, he glued on the trim pieces, and then performed a final sand down and varnishing. The accuracy of the body lines only makes up a portion of the toy's beauty. Additionally, he applied functional headlights and taillights, along with working power lift scissor doors.

In order to get the replica Lambo moving, he built a stocked it with a 24V, 350W electric motor. Of course, he also included a speed controller to keep the car from traveling at a speed faster than walking pace. There's also a bicycle-style disc brake on the rear, and an awesome yoke-style steering wheel on the inside. I'm blown away by the product that Tr??ng created in only two short months. It not only replicates the real model to a tee, but the wooden styling gives it a look unlike any other.

This is one serious DIY project. If you take a look at this guy's actual YouTube channel, you'll notice this is only one of the many projects he's worked on in the past. I'm sure his son is going to get tons of use out of it, and maybe it'll inspire him to one day drive the real thing. Massive respect goes out to Tr??ng V?n ??o for getting the job done on this one.

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