tesla autopilot dodges truck
YouTube: ViralHog

Tesla Autopilot Avoids Truck Collision on Highway



Talk about one hell of a close call! Video of an incident that went down on a highway in Las Vegas, Nevada shows a Tesla owner narrowly avoiding a collision with a merging truck, thanks to the car's Autopilot system.

"I was on Tesla autopilot driving home overtaking a truck," the Tesla owner wrote in the video's description. "My vehicle is a 2018 long-range, rear-wheel-drive version with the upgraded chip for eventual full self-driving. The next events happened very quickly, but I am pretty sure the vehicle jerked initially to the left. At the time I had my hand on the wheel looking forward and thought the autopilot was misinterpreting the lines; I maintained a grip on the wheel so when it jerked it disengaged the autopilot with the override safety feature."

"Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the truck nearing my car and heard it slamming on and locking up its brakes. From there you can see me swerving a little to quick check the lanes for another vehicle and get back to my lane before just overtaking to get away. Without the autopilot avoiding the collision initially, there was no way I could have cleared the left lane fast enough to swerve safely to stop an accident. There was no damage to either vehicle, the footage was captured using Teslas built in cameras it uses for autopilot."


Like most self-driving features, Tesla's Autopilot driving system is in no way foolproof. That said, it has provided an interesting look into what autonomous vehicles will end up materializing into in the near future.

Sure, there are videos of Autopilot malfunctioning just like there are videos of it coming in clutch, but regardless of what you think about Tesla, Elon Musk, or our impending automotive future, the above video is definitely a positive check in the Team Tesla column.

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