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Most Gearheads Only Dream of the Snap-On Tool Box


Welcome to your dream tool box. It's composed of a Snap-On Epic 76", two full lockers, and a half locker. Inside is an absolute treasure trove of tools and equipment needed to turn any garage into a gearhead's ultimate play room.

You name it, he's probably got it. Everything is organized "just so," which is pretty amazing since this is clearly a working man's tool chest. You may notice the tell tale dirt and lack of polish that are key indicators of a busy floor.

Watch in awe as he nonchalantly opens his socket drawer to reveal row upon row of lovingly used sockets of every size and description. You just want to reach out and run your fingers over the different sizes and types. He's even got his Driveline sockets kitted on the side where they can't be hurt buy outsiders who don't know better.


Next, he pulls out a drawer that reveals what looks like several gleaming silver rib cages. These are just a few of his wrenches, he notes, because some of them don't fit in this tool box.

When he gets to the part with the "overflow screwdrivers," meaning that screwdrivers that don't belong in his regular kit, you might feel a weird sensation in your tummy. That's likely a strange combination of jealousy, awe, inspiration, and sheer delight. If we were smart, we'd all have a tool box this well-organized. While most of us are looking for "that one pair of pliers I used in the living room two weeks ago," this fellow can pull open a theme drawer, reach into the right divider, and immediately pull out what he wants.

If we were smart, we'd stop watching videos like this and head out to the garage to start organizing things. But, with all the other projects we're working on right now, how likely is that, anyway?

This post was originally published on February 28, 2017.


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