MiG-29 Vertical Takeoff
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MiG-29 Jet Fighter Hits Vertical Climb in Pulse-Pounding Video



Fire up the Kenny Loggins tunes, because we're buzzing the tower again! We're talking highway to the danger zone, baby! What we've got here, though, is a takeoff that even the dudes at the Top Gun school probably wouldn't be able to pull off.

We've heard of getting sideways on the track, but it's not too often that you see a plane getting vertical in the skies. This Polish Air Force MiG-29 may be an aging Soviet relic, but it can still hang in the wild blue yonder as this astounding and lightning-quick takeoff proves. Awesome stuff!

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They don't teach you this sort of stuff at flight school, that's for sure. I've never been to flight school, so I technically wouldn't know, but this definitely isn't Day 1 type stuff. This is the sort of move you learn after you've mastered just about everything else, you're bored, and you're trying to impress your buddies in the control tower. The sort of move that's so rip-roaringly epic that someone with a pocket-protector and a clipboard spills coffee all over themselves in a combination of awe and fear. You get the point.

Starting out with a low pass and then basically blasting off like a rocket, this plane went ass-kickingly full throttle in every sense of the phrase. Now, even though the MiG-29 made its debut in the late '70s, it still boasts some pretty damn incredible specs.

The fighter jet can fly at Mach 2.25 and has a top speed of 1,520 MPH. Granted, this plane was made to win intense dog fights and not to put on high-speed, acrobatic air shows, but you gotta love a good, old-fashioned insane stunt.

This post was originally published on December 31, 2018.


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