rc powerboat 80 mph

Massive RC Powerboat Hits 80 MPH on the Water


Alright, this has got to be one of the coolest remote controlled boats out there. Just listen to the crazy sounds this thing makes as it jets across the water at full speed during the RC Powerboat Meeting in Edderitz, Germany, back in 2016. Not only is this boat fast, but it's absolutely massive. You don't really realize just how big it is until the owner picks it up and drops it in the water.

This machine is known as the Outerlimits HPR-233, and it's powered by two Lehner 3080/8 electric motors. The owner even has his own mini trailer for the vessel. When you want to have fun with a speedboat without going in debt for life, this is what you get. It might just be a toy, but it'll win just about any race you put it in. It showcases its insane power through the water course, and it remains surprisingly stable even though it makes some seriously tight turns.

The roost that gets shot out behind this RC boat as it goes full throttle is pretty incredible. It hits an impressive top speed of 130 KPH (80 MPH) during the run. I can't even lie, this boat sounds like it's got a jet engine attached to it as it glides across the water.

The guy that's sitting out on his own boat in the middle of the water has the right idea. That seems like the best way to get an awesome view of these RC boats in action. Hell, the RC boat is nearly as big as the actual boat he's floating around in. You've got to love hobbyists and their constant desire to push the limits of these toys. Although they're not full-sized boats, it's still quite expensive to get your hands on a powerboat like this. Lots of respect goes out to the driver of this boat and the camera man for putting together this awesome video!

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