dad creates leaf blower sled for daughter
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Dad of the Year Goes Full MacGyver and Creates This Turbo Snow Sled for His Daughter


If you grew up with a mom or dad who was able to craft extraordinary toys and inventions out of everyday objects, odds are that you had a pretty fun-filled childhood. If you weren't so lucky, well, you probably just have to resort to browsing YouTube and living vicariously through the kids in the videos.

We've seen a few of these incredible creations ourselves, from the Barbie Jeep that was transformed into a yard work ATV to the Powerwheels Mustang that was turned into a souped-up race car with the help of a 4-speed manual 110cc pit bike engine.

For another epic dad-inspired design, we head all the way over to Russia to witness one seriously epic turbo snow sled powered by leaf blowers.


As you can see from the above video, the Russian dad creates a mini snowmobile of sorts for his daughter by simply attaching a couple of leaf blowers to a pretty average-looking wooden sled. It probably wasn't the most complicated of DIY projects, but judging from the little girl's reaction, it made for one of the coolest rideable toys of all time.

To be honest, this dad is an absolute genius. I mean, just look back to your own childhood. You didn't need the fanciest or most expensive toys to have a good time. Sometimes, all you needed was a makeshift snowmobile powered by leaf blowers, and you were the luckiest kid in Belgorod, Russia. Ok, fine, so that specific example really only applies to the video that you just watched, but you get the point.

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This post was originally published on January 17, 2019.


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