You know what they say: when life gives you a Barbie Jeep, make an epic leaf blower ATV for your son.

Ok, so no one has actually said that until now, but that unofficial motto seemed to work out pretty well for one dad who hooked up a leaf blower to a power wheels Barbie Jeep, making a pretty sweet yard work toy for his son, Benjamin. Turns out that this thing can really get the job done. Not only did the Jeep offer the perfect setup for a leaf blower to attach to, but it also has some serious towing power for easy cleanup.

Just check out this converted Barbie Jeep in action. That massive pile of leaves never stood a chance.

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Talk about some incredible redneck ingenuity on the part of the dad. If you think about it, this simple modding project allowed him to seamlessly kill two birds with one stone: He got to be a good dad and let his kid have some fun, and he also got all the yard work done for him. I mean, that’s some grade-A parenting if I’ve ever seen it.

Just a great invention all-around. Take notes, dads. This could be a great birthday or Christmas gift for a son or even a daughter. It’ll save money (provided you already have a Barbie Jeep or a similar riding toy laying around), and your kid will love you for it. You can even get your kid involved in the building process for some quality bonding time.

That’s really all there is to it. You’re welcome.

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