L-39C XXXL by Tomahawk Aviation
YouTube: FPVicious

$70,000 RC Plane Takes to the Skies


I'm going to go ahead and say this is the most impressive remote control airplane I've ever seen in my life. What you'll see in this video is the L-39C XXXL by Tomahawk Aviation. Just how much does it cost to get your hands on one of these? Well, you'd be looking at right around $70,000.

In fact, the very first words in the video were "be careful, it's very expensive." I can't blame the guy for that warning, because that's certainly a hefty price tag. However, for this hobbyist, it's worth every penny to be the owner of this amazing machine. Look at the attention it grabs by just sitting on the runway. Things only get more intense as he fires up the engine. This thing is a full-on mini jet, and it's absolutely bad to the bone.

This jet has weighs 155 pounds, boasts a wingspan of 138 inches, and is equipped with a Jetcat P550 turbine engine, making it capable of some seriously high speeds. Watch in awe as it takes off and cuts through the sky. The owner of this beautiful RC jet is Mario Walter, and he's got some talent controlling his toy machine.


He skillfully performs low-level flying, barrel rolls, and all kinds of aerobatic stunts while in the air, putting on a pretty good show for the folks watching on the ground. Eventually, after some fun, he successfully lands, and the jet lives to fly another day.

You know you're committed to your hobby when you drop $70,000 on a new toy. Whatever the hell this guy does for work, I want in. He's living the life, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't a tad bit jealous. He put on a spectacular performance, though, and I'd imagine it's even more impressive seeing it in person.

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