kawasaki vs yamaha stand-up jet skis
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Kawasaki vs. Yamaha Stand-up Jet Skis: Finding the Right PWC for That Next Lake Trip

Don't get me wrong: Personal watercrafts like boats and sit-down jet skis are a good time. But, if you're looking for a pure adrenaline rush, or something extremely agile, you need to be looking at the brand new stand-up jet skis on the market today.

If you've never tried them out, they can truly bring your jet skiing riding experience to the next level. Many racers, stunters, and hobbyists utilize these stand-up watercrafts, and the more you dig into it, the more interesting they become. Stick around, and you might be convinced sooner rather than later.

There are lots of early model years to choose from if you wish to go that route, but as far as brand new, there's two fantastic options that stand out to me: the Yamaha SuperJet and the Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R.

Yamaha SuperJet

One look at the white VaRTM Fiberglass hull design of the SuperJet, and it certainly appears aggressive. It has an overall length of 95.7 inches, width of 30 inches, and a dry weight of 375 pounds. It's light enough to cut through the water, and also has the ability to get a good amount of airtime when required.

The powertrain consists of a 1049cc 3-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine Engine, and it's combined with a 144mm high-pressure jet pump. This set-up produces around 100 horsepower, with a top speed around 54 MPH. Even if you're a veteran on these stand-up models, it'll prove to have more than enough power to suit your needs.

Other cool features of the new SuperJet include a three-position adjustable handle pole, which uses a race handlebar design. Taller riders will be just as comfortable as shorter ones with its 50mm range. There's also a reboarding holder for easy access from the water. Electronically, you've got a learner-mode option for beginners, and a low fuel warning light for when that 5-gallon fuel tank is getting empty.

As for the cost, MSRP on the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet starts out at $9,499. Not a terrible price, considering what this thing is truly capable of out on the water.

Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R

With a length of 104.5 inches, width of 30.1 inches, and a dry weight of 551.3 pounds, the SX-R's green-and-black Ride Active V-shape hull and deck are a little bit larger than the SuperJet's. That's nearly 200 pounds heavier, but stay with me here.

To make up for the extra size and weight, this Kawasaki is fitted with a 1,498cc DOHC four-cylinder, four-stroke engine. It also uses a 148mm axial flow jet pump, and a 3-blade oval-edge stainless steel impeller. This produces a whopping 150 horsepower, making it the fastest accelerating stand-up PWC ever made, and it tops out around 62 MPH. See, that power-to-weight ratio isn't too bad after all. You better have a need for speed if you're looking at these models.

Fuel capacity is also larger with a 6.1-gallon tank, keeping you out on the water for longer. Additionally, you get a key-operated magnetic ignition switch, low fuel and engine warning lights on the handle pole, and even some small storage compartments for necessary items.

Comparing the price, the SX-R MSRP starts off at $9,999. Only slightly more expensive than the SuperJet, with a significant difference in size and power. Only you can decide which one is right for you, but to be fair, either model would be an absolute beast on the water.

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