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Steel vs. Alloy Wheels: 150-Ton Hydraulic Press Tests Which Are Stronger


If you're a fan of YouTube videos where random things get absolutely crushed by massive presses, then you're probably familiar with the Hydraulic Press Channel. These guys will crush just about anything, from styrofoam to kettlebells to even a full-blown defibrillator. Nothing is off limits.

In a particularly awesome video, the HPC gang decided to test which is stronger: an aluminum wheel or a steel wheel. Of course, to get their result, they fired up the 150-ton hydraulic press and got right to work. Yeah, you're gonna want to check this out.

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The Chevrolet Venture five-spoke aluminum alloy wheel gets absolutely smashed into pieces, while the steel wheel bends but doesn't crack, even when around 23 tons of force is applied, showing the significant performance advantages. That was definitely one hell of an experiment, but probably one you shouldn't try at home. You know, for the whole dangerous aspect. I doubt you have a hydraulic press with a multi-ton capacity for smashing things just lying around to begin with, but hey, just in case.

It turns out that this actually isn't the first time that masterminds over at the HPC YouTube channel have experimented with tire crushing. As a little bonus video, watch what happens when an overinflated tire gets matched up against this beast of a press.

Pretty sweet, right? They ended up throwing a few other things besides different types of wheels under the press, because you can never see too much epic crushing dished out by hydraulic pressure. Honestly, I could watch stuff like this all day.


This post was originally published on October 23, 2018.

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