Crushing It! Video Shows Steel Toe Boot vs. Hydraulic Press Match-up

If you work around a lot of heavy equipment, then you're probably more than familiar with steel toe boots. From a safety perspective, they're definitely must-haves. If you've ever been wearing a pair and had something fall on your foot, then you've especially appreciated them. Your toes certainly have.

However, how well does that steel toe hold up against the infamous hydraulic press? To be honest, you probably wouldn't even think to ask that question. Most people don't spend their time thinking about whether or not certain things will get crushed by a hydraulic press. But, that's what the folks over at the YouTube channel Crushit, which describes itself as a "British Hydraulic Press channel which crushes almost anything," is for.

As you can see from the above video, the Crushit guys pitted a hydraulic press against a steel-toe cap boat, and the resulting footage was pretty incredible. Let's just say, don't plan on getting your foot stuck in an hydraulic press anytime soon. It doesn't look like it'd be a fun time. No fun at all.

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