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Here's a Look at the Most American Cars


If you bleed red, white and blue, you probably eat a ton of American pie, you watch baseball, buy lemonade from the kids down the street and, by golly, you drive an American car. You want to support America in anyway you can, and that's a great thing. But how American is that supposed American car you bought in today's global economy? Is it possible to drive a Toyota that's actually made up of more American parts and labor than lets say a Chevrolet?

We all assume if it's an American company we're safe, but let's not forget the "Imported from Detroit" slogan Chrysler used when some of the most popular models were made in Canada. They got away with this, because for some reason they report anything made in America or Canada as American.

By now, it's common for an automaker to have manufacturing plants all around the world, depending on where there is the most demand for their product, labor prices and export/import considerations.  Because of all this, the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington, DC does a survey every year and comes up with a list of the top car models that contribute to the overall wellbeing of the U.S. economy. More simply put, these are the most American cars.

The most recent survey looks at 2020 models, and the criteria includes profit margin, whether or not a company's headquarters is in the United States, and whether a vehicle's final assembly is conducted in the U.S. They assign number values to all of these, while also looking at whether a car's research and development, engine, and transmission are made foreignly or domestically. They average out these numbers, and voila, you have the most American cars for each year. Let's take a look at the top 10 American cars for 2020.


2020 Made in America Auto Index

Rank      Manufacturer                Makes             Carline

1.             Ford Motor Company      Ford                Ranger All

2.            General Motors LLC        Chevrolet        Camaro AT

3.            General Motors LLC        Chevrolet        Corvette


3.            General Motors LLC        Chevrolet        Colorado Gas

3.            General Motors LLC        GMC                Canyon Gas

4.            Fiat Chrysler                     Jeep                Cherokee Latitude AWD

4.            Fiat Chrysler                     Jeep                Cherokee Trackhawk


5.            Ford Motor Company      Ford                 Ford Explorer 3.0

5.           General Motors LLC         Cadillac            CT4

5.           General Motors LLC         Cadillac            CT5

5.           Tesla                                   Tesla                Model S


5.           Tesla                                   Tesla                Model Y

6.           General Motors LLC         Cadillac            XT4

7.           General Motors LLC          Chevrolet        Camaro MT

7.           General Motors LLC          Cadillac           XT5


7.           General Motors LLC          Cadillac           XT6

7.           General Motors LLC          GMC                Acadia

7.           Honda Motor Co., Ltd.      Acura              TLX

7.           Honda Motor Co., Ltd.      Honda             Odyssey All


7.           Honda Motor Co., Ltd.      Honda             Passport All

7.           Honda Motor Co., Ltd.      Honda             Ridgeline

8.          Ford Motor Company        Ford                Expedition

8.          Ford Motor Company        Ford                Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost


8.          Ford Motor Company        Ford                Mustang 5.0L AT

9.          Ford Motor Company        Ford                F 150 5.0L

9.          Ford Motor Company        Lincoln           Aviator

9.         Tesla                                    Tesla               Model 3 Long Range


9.         Tesla                                    Tesla               Model X

10.        Fiat Chrysler                       Jeep               Cherokee

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