what happens underneath a drifting toyota supra
YouTube: Warped Perception

GoPro Video Shows What Happens Underneath a Drifting Toyota Supra, and It's Fascinating

About a year ago, the folks at YouTube channel Warped Perception put out yet another incredible GoPro video, giving us a look underneath a drifting Toyota Supra. Yeah, you're definitely gonna want to watch this one.

After removing his tire from the rim, the host was able to fit the GoPro inside on the rim and mount it back up, which is surprising, considering how low profile the tires are. As he begins drifting around the corners, it's pretty strange watching the tire shimmy and jump from inside. You can also hear the muffled tire screeches from the audio captured. It's definitely a unique perspective, and one that makes you respect your car's rubber a little bit more

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Following up the view from the inside, he also throws in some drifting clips with the GoPro mounted to the underside of the car pointing backwards. You get a cool glimpse at the tires shredding, the driveshaft spinning, and the suspension hard at work. It's easy to see why there are so many fans behind the Toyota Supra. This car just sounds amazing when he puts his foot down. The camera angles really show what you're putting the car through when you combine lateral forces with wheel spin.

He get's some cool shots overall, but I can't stop trying to imagine what it would look like if the camera was placed under a formula drift car. Maybe one day someone will make it happen. You have to love Warped Perception for always coming out with new and interesting content that allows us to see things completely differently.

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This post was originally published on November 17, 2020.

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