gopro inside car tire
YouTube: Warped Perception

GoPro Inside a Car Tire Makes for Awesome Experiment


Well, this is certainly different. If someone told you that they put a GoPro inside their car tire, you might think that all you would see is blurriness from the wheels spinning. That's actually not the case. At least, not in this well-executed experiment. The results were pretty amazing, since it gives an all-new perception on how your tires flex while driving.

Warped Perception is a channel on YouTube that's dedicated to helping people see things in a different light. Not only does it have extremely interesting content, but it helps people get a more detailed idea on how certain things work. Recently, they created this tire video, and it has since gone viral.

At first glance, it was a toss-up whether or not the GoPro would actually fit inside the low-profile tires on the Mercedes. Luckily, once the tire was removed, there was a deep enough groove in the rim so that the camera would fit perfectly. Since it was attached directly to the rim, the spinning motion doesn't affect the angle of the camera, but what it does do is show exactly how the tire flexes over bumps and potholes.


Our expert experimenter captures the video for multiple different normal driving scenarios. Starting off with a slow drive through an alleyway, you can see the tire pulsating and conforming to the cracks and bumps of the pavement. It's really noticeable when you're looking from the inside of the tire and, at some points, it even looks like the tire has a heartbeat.

He follows it up with a drive down a smoother road. Even though it had less bumps, the flexing in the tire was still very much noticeable. I'm sure having a camera inside the wheel puts the wheel a bit out of balance. Finally, he takes a fast turn around a corner, where the footage shows the most tire flex. The tire flexes so much that it actually hits the camera.

I'll be honest, I never thought I needed to see this, but I'm sure glad I have. It was a really cool look into the torture we put our tires through. Just imagine what that would look like at highway speeds!

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