2017 DF Goblin Kit Car
YouTube: TheSmokingTire

This Kit Car Is Stocked With the Turbocharged Powertrain of a Chevy Cobalt SS


Matt Farah's One Take on the DF Goblin kit car combined an interesting new camera angle with an almost-Ariel Atom for less than half the price. It's a really good episode.

Built by DF Kit Car in Texas, the Goblin combines the precision of aircraft mechanics with the fun of a golf cart. It's a custom kit on top of a Chevy Cobalt undercarriage. You'll definitely want to use the SS for this kit. The resulting vehicle has the potential for 260 horsepower and almost no weight to hold it back.

Per TheSmokingTire:

This is the Goblin made by DF Kit Car out of Texas. It's an open-wheel exoskeleton type car in the spirit of the Ariel Atom, but at a significantly cheaper point of entry. It features the turbocharged powertrain of a 2009-era Chevrolet Cobalt SS with 260 horsepower, and a curb weight of just 1,550 pounds wet. The truly appealing portion is the price: you could build this kit yourself for as little as $13,000, or fully assembled turnkey vehicles start at just $24,000 for the N/A version or $32,000 for the turbocharged version, roughly half the cost of an Ariel Atom.

It's easy to imagine why the Goblin would be so much fun to drive, but in case you need a visual aid, take a few minutes to watch the Goblin transform Farah back into an excited kid.

On a side note, props to Farah for top mounting the camera for his run. The view from the top of the car gave a unique perspective that really lent itself to perceiving just how fast he's taking these roads. Obviously, this won't work on every One Take, but hopefully there will be a lot more of this angle in the future.

This post was originally published on November 26, 2018.

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