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The "Top Gear" Guys Stage an Outlandish Bank Heist to Test the Best Getaway Car

The cast of both Top Gear and Top Gear America are known for brainstorming some incredibly creative ways to pit cars against each other in a never-ending quest to determine which is the best looking, best performing, fastest, and coolest car of all time -- or at least that particular episode.

So, when the gang hailing from the UK gets together in an attempt to outrace the Albanian police following a bank heist, it's really just all in a day's work for Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.

The goal is to pull off a bank robbery -- which goes off without a hitch -- then choose a getaway car. The cars that make it to the ferry that awaits the team will obviously be deemed good and worthy vehicles for any Albanian mobster who might be looking for a new addition to their fleet. Those that do not, well, good luck with the Albanian police.

As the trio attempts to casually stroll out of the newly purloined bank, Clarkson takes off in a Mercedes S65 AMG, while Hammond straps into a Rolls Royce Ghost. That leaves James May with a Bentley Mulsanne. Or rather, a well-worn Yugo that is "in a number of critical ways exactly the same" as a Bentley Mulsanne, as Clarkson delicately puts it.

The trio first battle stalling traffic and minimal directions to get out of the crowded city streets, before opening up on the nearly empty freeway. They've got the Albanian police hot on their tail as they head upward into the mountains, which means pulling off some world-class maneuvers on rain-drenched switchbacks.

Who will manage to outrace the police to the ferry, and who will end up flying off a cliff?  In the third episode of Season 16 of Top Gear, the winning getaway car might come as a surprise!

This post was originally published on April 6, 2021.

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