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Hilarious Car Ads Tell the Tale of a Defeated Man and His Car



In this series of commercials from back in 2017, this poor guy is haunted by the new Daihatsu Wake.

At first, it is not so bad. The man is a well-meaning do-it-yourselfer who's just made a few mistakes, destroying his car when the solution was right in front of him all along. But, soon, it all goes wrong. ANCHAN!

Now, the term Anchan in Japanese means "elder brother," but also denotes a certain social status or personality and could be considered belittling. Basically: "Bruh."


Bruh, what are you doing chopping the top of your car off for golf clubs? Bruh, why can't you ever beat the Wake? Bruh...get a hold of yourself! You get the picture.

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He eventually is left a broken man, thinking back to all the times he would "Create and lose," as his girlfriend loses all respect for him. "It is true you have no talent," she says. But, maybe there is hope? The viewers can help! Except they can't.

There is no way this poor tinkerer can beat the Wake. His only choice is to give in, a defeated husk of a man. But, at least he can fit all his friends' snowboards. So, technically, not all is lost.


Now, say what you will about most car commercials these days (as a general rule of thumb, they pretty much suck), but you've got to appreciate the storytelling with these Daihatsu Wake ads. It's a pretty simple premise with a fairly compelling story arc, from an ad standpoint, and you get a couple laughs in, as well.

Plus, it also actually makes you want to get a Daihatsu Wake. Success!

This post was originally published on August 24, 2017.

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