Here's how to stop pesky Rodents from destroying your car

No matter how far technology advances in the automotive industry, one problem remains the same. Rodents love to eat people's cars and cost them a ton of money.

More specifically rodents love the taste of a car's electrical wiring system, plastic, hoses and basically anything they can chew through. You would think over the years manufactures would have figured out a way to prevent rats, mice and other small animals from feasting on your car, but they haven't. The issue has actually gotten worse with auto makers going to more plant-based biodegradable materials in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

According to Consumer Reports, most of today's large auto makers like GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Subaru have provided their technicians with service bulletins instructing them on how to repair a chewed up wiring harness. This alone proves the issue is widespread, and these animals definetly don't have any sense of brand loyalty.

A Honda service bulletin even calls for the use of their own special "Rodent-deterrant tape," that you can actually buy at the dealer. Its basically electrical tape with a super-spicy capsaicin coating that rodents may not find to be all that tasty. If you want to order yourself some of this chilli sauce flavored tape, the part number is 4019-2317 and a 20-meter roll sells for 36 bucks from Honda.

If wrapping all your wiring harnesses in special Honda tape isn't for you, there is an easier way. A simple rodent repellant spray is available from called "Rodent Defense." It comes in a plastic spray bottle and you can use it safely on vehicles, boats, and really anything else you want to protect. It's all natural, so the rodent won't just die under your car's hood after it takes a lick.