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EMT Mom Recommends Adding This Vital Info to Your Child’s Car Seat

It's safe to say that being in a car accident is scary itself, but, even more so when there is a passenger inside. What's even scarier still? When that passenger is a child.

While we rely on car seats and safety features to keep our children safe, there is one small factor parents seem to overlook. Picture this, you and your child are in a car accident. You become unconscious due to the hit, and your child can't speak because he or she is too young. Now what? How will your child communicate with paramedics?

Kaitlyn Lawson, an EMT with Frankton Ambulance Service in Anderson, Indiana, shared a tip on her Facebook to raise awareness for parents who run the risk of being in a scenario like this. She came up with a simple but incredibly smart and effective solution to this scary situation. Lawson's tip? Write down any emergency contacts, any medical condition, name, date of birth, medication, and names of parents or guardians on a piece of paper and stick it to the back of the child's car seat. How clever is that?!

This simple hack (which only takes about three minutes of your time) can help not only your child, but also the person attending to your child. It allows them to know who they are and tells them if they need special attention or medication. Safe to say that since posting the life hack, the message has gone viral and has captured the attention of parents who never thought of this before.

Personally, I think it's a great idea, guys. I would have never thought of this if it weren't for Lawson. Sometimes young children are too scared to even speak with anyone else except their parents. In some cases, these children can't speak yet, which makes it even more difficult for paramedics. So, yes, this is an easy and quick way to know who they are and who their parent is. I mean, it's advice from a medical professional, that's my favorite kind of advice. It should be yours too!

In fact, another EMT Couple shared their advice for making sure a child is properly secured in a seat after they decided to buy a new one for their 4-year-old son. Their post also went viral...because duh. In it they shared the following car seat safety hacks:

  • Make sure the toddler or baby can't pull their own arms out from under the straps or car seat buckle.
  • You should only be able to fit a finger or two between the strap and your child.
  • No bulky clothing like jackets or blankets should come between your child and the straps.
  • Would you be comfortable flipping the car upside down? Yes, this one is important to make sure the child doesn't slide off the car seat.

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