It’s easy to run 7s when your Corvette is stacked liked this monster Top Garage/YouTube

A polish company named VGT has put together the most Frankenstein C3 Corvette you’ve ever seen, and its awesome.

Team Turbo-Gockel/YouTube

Fitted with an extensively modified 6.2 liter LT1 engine like you’d see in a new Corvette or Camaro this car has made 1,973 horsepower on its max setting. These incredible numbers are helped ever so slightly by a gigantic 91mm Turbonetics turbo placed up high and sticking right out of the hood.

Team Turbo-Gockel/YouTube

With power covered VGT needed some serious aid in the traction department. Slicks and tons of suspension work usually does the trick but they took it one step further and retrofitted a GMC Typoon AWD system with a 3 speed automatic transmission. This complete package was good for a personal best of 7.5 seconds in the quarter mile, but that’s not all. They ran that ridiculous time on a low boost setting that “only” makes 1,628 horsepower. Add in another 300 HP and some more seat time and you could be looking at a low 7 second car.

Team Turbo-Gockel/YouTube

It’s scary just watching this thing launch, imagine driving it.

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