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Airbagged Trailers Changed the Towing and Loading Game


Towing and loading can get incredibly tricky. Messing with someone's car is one of the worst things a person could do. If you own a loading truck, your first responsibility is to ensure you don't damage the vehicles that are temporarily in your possession. This is an extremely difficult task, depending on your truck.

Whether you've got a seriously expensive supercar or a custom Honda that sits all of three inches above the ground, ground clearance is always a problem when it comes to loading up on a trailer. Poor ground clearance could equal some expensive damage to a person's vehicle. With the right truck and equipment, you wouldn't have to sweat the most nerve-wracking part of loading. Introducing Airbagged Trailers.

Airbagged Trailers Revolutionized Loading 

Airbagged Trailers are ideal for loading race cars. The trailers go all the way down to the ground, so even vehicles with the lowest ground clearance can be loaded up and ready to go in seconds. These trailers have revolutionized loading and created a way to load with little to no risk involved. It would be really tough to mess a load up using these trailers.


The trailer uses an independent airbag suspension. This allows for the smoothest load process and ride possible for the lucky vehicle. Loaders are able to manually set their preferred ride height. It also features an onboard air system for quick use.

Airbagged Trailers are ideal for keeping your ride safe if it needs to be loaded and transported. I've heard loading horror stories, and you may have some of your own. These trailers take all of the hassle out of the loading process. More importantly, they limit damage and risk to your baby. It's about time someone figured this out. Now the loading game will never be the same.

This article was originally published on June 7, 2019.

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