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130 MPH Lawnmower Was Custom Made for "Top Gear"


When it comes to souped-up lawnmowers, there's honestly nothing better to have than this Honda mower that was featured on Top Gear. With the capability to reach up to 130 MPH, you could knock out your entire yard in a matter of minutes. The Stig -- Top Gear's resident test driver -- takes this wicked creation for a spin in this crazy video showcasing the mower.

Honda actually got together with Team Dynamics for the Speed Week issue of BBC's Top Gear Magazine, and this mower was custom made specifically for the Top Gear team. The stock engine was removed to fit a motorcycle engine, and it includes wheels and tires off of an ATV, as well as a steering rack from a Morris Minor car and a lowered seat. Overall, I'd say their project was a pretty big success, because the end result is pretty epic.

This thing is capable of some ridiculously fast speeds, but it definitely looks frightening to be behind the wheel. If there were one person that you could trust driving this machine, though, it's obviously The Stig. He makes it look easy as he goes for a test drive around the track and bangs through some gears. Of course, with the test vehicle being a lawnmower and all, he had to also make some time to get the grass cut. The days of slow mowers are over!


Along with this Top Gear video, Honda even made their own similar video showcasing the mower. Both videos start out gracefully, until they fire this thing up. The exhaust note with that side exit exhaust is just wildly aggressive. It's almost like a miniature Formula One car, and the more time I spend watching this thing, the more I want one. I can't imagine this is the safest machine out there, but when you're having fun, who cares about safety?

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