Volkswagen Scirocco Crash

It's a Miracle This VW Scirocco Driver Was OK Following Insane Rollover Crash at Nürburgring


If you're not familiar with the treachery of Germany's Nürburgring Nordschleife track, then the nickname "Green Hell" should do a pretty good job of spelling it out for you. The track's narrowness, along with the sharp elevation change and nearby walls, subjects even the most skilled of drivers to intensely dangerous situations. Such as the one shown in the video below.

After seeing footage of this Volkswagen Scirocco driver rolling over not once, not twice, but three times after slamming hard into a guard rail, you'll be amazed that she not only ended up being okay, but even managed to get out of the car herself, according to the video's description.

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As you can see from the crash, which happened on July 21, it appears that the driver simply came way too hot into the sharp turn and just couldn't course correct in time. Of course, this is barring any mechanical failures, such as problems with steering or the car's suspension.

Whatever the ultimate cause of the crash may be, just by looking at the shape that the Scirocco is in after landing on its roof, it really is a miracle that the driver was able to make it out without any serious injuries.

Despite the recent crash, there has been some good news to come out of Nürburgring as of late. Back on June 29 of this year, Timo Bernhard, driving a Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, made history at Nürburgring when he broke the Nordschleife lap record set by late F1 racer Stefan Bellof back in 1983.

Even though Berhard managed to complete the track with his car in one piece, witnessing his record-setting lap in first person is pretty damn terrifying in and of itself.


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