ute hits toyota land cruiser filming
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Out-of-Control Car Hits Parked Vehicle That Filmed the Whole Thing


Brace for impact! These people had their Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with a caravan parked on the side of the road, when all of the sudden, a Ute lost control and slid directly into them. As you can see from the video, there wasn't really anything they could do, but wait for the collision to happen.

On video, it definitely looked look like a pretty hard hit, but we don't see too much after the initial crash. Luckily, there's a good description that explains the result of this. Now, apparently the Land Cruiser Prado was at a service station, and two adults and two dogs were inside the car, all strapped in with seat belts. The driver of the Ute was the sole occupant. Amazingly, everyone made it out of this all right, however, the driver of the Ute and the passenger in the Prado did get some bruises and abrasions.

As far as the vehicles themselves, there was a decent amount of damage done. Two airbags went off in the Prado, and one went off in the Ute. The Land Cruiser was pushed around 15 feet to the side, and it jackknifed the caravan behind it. While the Prado was totaled and written off, the caravan was repairable, even though it suffered a bent A frame and damage to the front right corner. Vehicles are repairable, so it's most important that all occupants got out of this without serious injury.

I'm still not entirely sure what made this Ute skid out of control, but it just goes to show you that anything can happen on the roads, even if you're parked off to the side. Regardless, that's definitely some bad luck for the filming vehicle, but this is also why we all have insurance on our vehicles. Good thing they had a dashcam, so we could see exactly what happened.

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