truck and trailer tip over on highway
YouTube: ViralHog

Truck Transporting Hummer Tips Over on Highway


This wild video surfaced recently showing a transporter with an H1 Hummer on his trailer rolling his truck while taking a curve on a highway overpass. It's extremely fortunate that the driver did not end up going over the side of the barrier, because this could have been a much more devastating crash.

As soon as the video starts, you see the white Ram dually applying his brakes to slow down before the upcoming turn. If you've ever had experience hauling cars, you should already be shaking your head at the way he decided to load this Hummer. It's an extremely heavy vehicle, and having it at the highest point on the trailer in the front was pretty much a disaster waiting to happen, especially when it's the only vehicle on the trailer. Pretty much instantly as he enters the turn, you see the weight shift, and things go from bad to worse.

It's almost as if the owner of the white GMC Sierra saw this coming. He was driving right beside the truck as they entered the curve, and the driver seemed to have sped up in order to get in front of it. Luckily for him, he squeezes ahead of the Ram just before the trailer overturns. Once the trailer goes, it brings the truck on its side as well. The truck slams into the wall and flips back onto its wheels, then rolls once more, finally landing on the opposite side.


At least he did a good job strapping this Hummer down, even if it was in the wrong position. Surprisingly, it actually stays locked onto the trailer during this insane crash. This driver was lucky to walk away from this with his life, and he certainly learned a painful and expensive lesson with this one. I would imagine the phone call he made to the Hummer owner was not a very enjoyable one, but thank God for insurance.

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