trailer snaps off hitch and crashes
YouTube: ViralHog

Trailer Snaps Off F-350 Hitch and Crashes Off Road


This is why it's important to always pay attention on the roads. You never know what might happen out there. This dashcam video shows an F-350 towing a trailer through Johnson City, Tennessee, when his trailer hitch suddenly breaks, causing the trailer to slide down the highway only narrowly missing a few other cars.

In the video, you can clearly see that all the vehicles hit the same bump in the road. Well, the pressure of that bump proved to be too much for the old trusty trailer hitch. Once it breaks, the trailer is essentially steering itself as the tongue begins to drag on the ground. Sparks go flying, but luckily both cars traveling alongside the truck were able to avoid being hit. In all honesty, this was probably one of the best case scenarios. The trailer avoids colliding with anything, and it stays upright as it veers off to the right side of the road into some grass.

I don't want to be that guy, but this probably could have been avoided if he had some safety chains. Either way, for losing a trailer on the highway, I'd say this guy got off pretty good. Hell, there's a chance that he just got another hitch and hooked right back up to it with no issue. This definitely could have been much worse than it was. Luckily, the driver following the truck was smart enough to purchase a dashcam so we could all see, and look, she got a viral video out of it.


It's always good to ensure that your trailer is secured. Don't max out the weight, and check out the welds on the hitch every now and then, so you don't get caught in a similar situation. Dedicating a few seconds for a quick walkaround of your equipment before the drive is a small price to pay to avoid this mess.

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