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Race car loses control, hits a man as a stunned crowd screamed in horror


Photographer David LeClair attended the 2018 Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan, and he was taking pictures of a car making a sharp turn when suddenly the rally car spun out of control.

The car slid off the road and into LeClair, and the impact sent him flying in the air and into the woods.

Warning: the video has NSFW language, and the accident is graphic.


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Jalopnik reported that LeClair suffered two broken scapulas and a lacerated liver from the accident.

It's unclear if LeClair is an official photographer and had the clearance to be standing where he was at the time of the accident.

The Drive speculated that LeClair was just a spectator who happened to be taking pictures at the wrong spot, but that hasn't been confirmed.


Hopefully LeClair makes a full recovery from his injuries and thankfully he survived the accident.