car crashes into parked motorcycles
YouTube: RNickeyMouse

Pontiac GTO Loses Control, Crashes Into Parked Motorcycles


Ah, the famous Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles. So many epic moments have been captured on this road, but there have been just as many epic fails to go along with it. More specifically, this particular corner. If you're not careful, this road can cause you or someone else to get hurt really quickly.

RNickeyMouse is famous on YouTube for capturing some of the insane moments that go down on this road. A while back, he captured this Pontiac GTO driver attempting -- and failing -- to make the turn. The driver spins out at the exit of the turn and plows right into a couple motorcycles that are parked on the side of the road. If you listen to the bikers' reactions, they clearly were not too happy with what had happened.

From the second this GTO came into the corner, it didn't look good. He enters the turn way too fast, and you can see his car understeering as he nearly hits the outside guard rail. If he would have taken that as a sign to slow down, he could have avoided this whole mess. Instead, he continues to speed up as he heads towards the exit of the turn, and the rear wheels quickly break loose. This causes the car to spin out of control, heading over the oncoming lane and into the dirt on the other side. With the momentum the Pontiac driver had, there was no avoiding hitting the motorcycles, and he hits one so hard it nearly flies down the mountainside.


While this was an unfortunate moment for both the GTO driver and the bikers, it's good that no one was standing in that particular area when the incident occurred. People have insurance to replace material items like the vehicles, but this could have been a whole different situation if someone was hit by the car. Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson about driving beyond his limits.

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