man drives off pier to avoid police
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Wild Footage Shows Man Driving Off Pier to Avoid Police

Over the years, we've seen plenty of incidents involving drivers pulling off stunts that are normally reserved for over-the-top movies or TV shows. Nowadays, when witnessing one of these real-life situations, it seems almost cliche to say something like, "Wow, this is the sort of thing you only see on the big screen!" So, we won't say it in this case. But, at the very least, it feels appropriate to think it when watching the above incident, which went down back in late December 2017.

When police responded to a man acting suspicious and possibly trespassing on boats at a pier, the suspect proved that he hadn't spent much time on an escape plan.

Yes, the above video that you just watched shows the suspect driving his truck directly off a cliff into the frigid water in Oregon. He was treated for hypothermia and ended up facing charges of burglary and attempting to evade police among other things, according to the local NBC affiliate.

After the truck hit the water, the man reportedly tried to swim away before thinking better of it and returning to shore.

"I think that the officers expected that he was going to run out of road and turn around and come back. They weren't expecting he would actually drive off the pier," Deputy Chief Eric Halverson of the Astoria Police Department said. "It's not something we see."

Say it again for the kids in the back: "It's not something we see." So, clearly, this wasn't a normal day on the job for the local police department. Maybe it's not the craziest thing to happen in the history of police chases, but if you saw this go down in an action movie, it'd definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Ok, ok, we're not gonna say the thing.

This post was originally published on December 31, 2017.

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