Police Car Rides in Two Lanes on Highway
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Video Proof That Even Cops Can Be Bad at Driving



Police officers have a whole host of responsibilities, and chief among them is enforcing traffic laws. If you've ever gotten pulled over for a speeding ticket, or for running through a stop sign, or for any other similar sorts of violations, then you know that all too well.

But, just because the long arm of the law is supposed to make sure that everyone out there is following the rules of the road, it doesn't mean that they always do that themselves.

In this incident that went down Cleveland, Ohio back in September 2018, we see firsthand proof that even cops can be bad drivers. Let's just say that this officer in question had just a little bit of trouble staying in his lane. And, by a little, I mean that the guy drove right through the lane line like an absolute maniac.


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As you can tell from the colorful commentary of the guy filming the video, he, probably like most of the surrounding drivers, wasn't too pumped by the cop's terrible driving.

Apparently, the cop had been driving that way for at least a mile before the guy started filming. Which leads me to believe that either this cop is severely indecisive when it comes to merging, or he was just really, really drunk. Or, hey, maybe he was just pretty tired and decided to let his police dog drive for a while.

Whatever the case is, if his superiors ever happen to see this video, he'll probably be relegated to desk duty for a while. At least until he brushes up on his lane-changing skills.


This post was originally published on September 21, 2018.

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