Surprise rain on the Nurburgring leads to sick drifts and carnage


When a surprise rain hits the Green Hell, the already treacherous public racetrack gets infinitely sketchier. Luckily the driver of this BMW is an expert. Dale Lomas practically lives on the 'Ring and was taking a passenger on a quick tour when the notoriously tricky weather decided it wanted to play.

Almost immediately, the BMW starts taking huge slip angles as Lomas calmly keeps it under control while explaining to his passenger why the track has turned into a skid pad. Like every street, the Nurburgring has a layer of oil on the pavement that, especially in a light rain after a long period of dryness, is brought to the surface making conditions super slick. The difference on this particular road is that it is frequented by sports cars with drivers trying to find their car's (and their own) limit.

As they come across countless yellow sections of the track, they see driver after driver that was not as prepared for the wet as Lomas was.


You may not be driving a racetrack on your daily commute, but you could still learn a thing or two about handling a car in the wet from this guy.

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