missouri pileup
YouTube: Jamon Weaver via ViralHog Upload

WILD Video of 47-Car Pileup on Missouri Highway Is Pure Mayhem



On February 15, Jamon Weaver and his wife, Tanika, were driving down I-70 in Oak Grove, Missouri in their truck when they found themselves smack dab in the middle of one of the wildest highway wrecks of the year. Somehow, Tanika, who was behind the wheel at the time, was able to swerve and slam on the brakes to avoid taking any serious damage, but many of the other drivers involved in the multi-vehicle pileup were not so lucky.

As you can see from the above dramatic video filmed by Jamon Weaver, severe winter weather created wildly unsafe road conditions, causing car after car to wreck around a jackknifed semi truck that was at the center of the pileup.

When it was all said and done, 47 cars collided in the wreck. Several drivers were injured, and one woman -- Linda Henderson of Platte City, Missouri -- tragically lost her life.


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Troopers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol used the 47-car pileup as an opportunity to urge drivers to slow down and drive cautiously during extreme winter weather conditions.

"You can see those motorists that are being cautious and everyone can see those motorists who are being careless," Sgt. Collin Stosberg told KSHB. "Just because you have four-wheel-drive doesn't mean you can drive like the conditions are normal. When it is icy and snowy, stopping distance is the same: it's pretty much nonexistent."

Stosberg also pointed out that some drivers were clocked as going faster than 20 miles over the speed limit the day of the crash.


"I was talking to some other troopers and even in the weather they were stopping cars at 80 or 90 MPH as early as Saturday morning when the roads were still inclement and snowy. It makes you scratch your head and wonder what people are thinking."

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