Man With Fast Reflexes Avoids Getting Crushed by Car
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Mechanic With Fast Reflexes Avoids Car Sliding on Ice

Time and time again, we've seen the the havoc that dangerous winter conditions can create for the average driver. Maybe you yourself have been caught up in a situation where the slick roads and poor visibility have rendered you completely powerless.

One second, you're just cruising along as usual, and the next, you're slipping and sliding out of control and just hoping and praying that you don't crash into something...or someone. The worst case scenario for these sort of accidents can be both brutal and tragic. But, luckily for everyone involved, what we've got here is a fortunate instance of ridiculously fast reflexes.

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The incident went down in Armenia in mid-January 2020, when snowy and icy conditions almost led to a collision course for one not-so-cautious driver and one man who was doing some work on his car. The amateur mechanic recalled his near-brush with serious injury pretty succinctly in the video's description.

"A car slid out in the snow and was heading straight for me," he writes. "I managed to jump out of the way of the impact just at the right moment."

Yep, that pretty much explains it. But, you really need to see the footage for yourself to get an idea of how crazy this scene was. This definitely isn't the sort of stunt you see every day. Just watch the above video one more time to get an idea of how fast this dude really is.

Wow. This guy was on another level of cool, calm, and collected. Not only did he pull off a wildly slick, last-second, action-hero move, but he even laughed after he almost got crushed. Talk about having ice in your veins.

This post was originally published on January 21, 2020.

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