A Lamborghini Aventador owner has a strange reaction to being hit by a Taxi


This has to be the nicest Lamborghini owner in the world. That or he just didn't want anyone snooping around in his car.

As reported by the Mexican publication, Excelsior, a Lamborghini Aventador was struck by a taxi cab on September 30th in Mexico. In the video we see a police car driving by, and then a taxi making a U-turn right into the side of the white Aventador.

The fault clearly lies with the taxi cab driver, but surprisingly the owner of the Lamorghini just requested an apology before letting the cabby go without paying for any damages.

If you choose to give the Lambo owner the benefit of the doubt, then he is indeed a saint for letting the cab driver go, but a skeptic would suggest more is at play here. The cab looks to be totaled and the Lamborghini is in very rough shape. The whole driver side is destroyed and it looks like it will have a ton of suspension damage. You can guarantee this would be sold at auction here in the states.

No injuries were reported in the Excelsior's article, but it's doubtful the cab driver is keeping his job after this one.

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