motorcycle crash

Dummy Pours Hot Grease in Middle of Road, Causing Multiple Motorcycles to Wipe Out


We've seen plenty of crazy and extreme crash videos in our day, but very few that are caused by just one pedestrian's boneheaded decision. File this one under "massive disasters that could have easily been avoided with just a little bit of common sense."

While we don't have much backstory to the above video, the surveillance footage shows traffic going from pretty run of the mill to absolutely haywire after some genius decided to pour hot grease in the middle of the road. This causes not one, not two, but three motorcycles to dangerously wipe out, with two of the bikers nearly getting run over by passing cars. It's a miracle the incident didn't end up any worse than it did, or you'd be reading a much more somber story.

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What makes this ridiculous moment all the more frustrating is the way the grease guy just casually walks on over to the middle of the road, dumps the grease out, and then waddles on back to where he came from as if he didn't just pull one of the dumbest moves of all time. He must've decided to give his brain a day off or something. Maybe it was his last day on the job and he wanted to go out with a bang. Maybe he's always had a deep-seeded hatred for motorcyclists. Who knows?


Whatever the case may be, the dude's lucky that the passing drivers were quick to slam on the brakes that day, because he very well could've had a few fatalities on his hands.

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