Horrifying videos emerge after a plane crashed into traffic in California



As if right out of Hollywood's latest thriller, a small plane has crash landed on the 405 Freeway near Irvine, California.

The twin engine plane had two passengers, a man and woman in their 50s.  They were attempting a landing at a Southern California airport when they experienced mechanical trouble and were forced to attempt an emergency landing on the freeway.  The landing did not go so well as upon incoming the plane hit one car and three struck the plane causing it to burst into flames.



Luckily for the two passengers the car they clipped was being driven by an off-duty Fire Captain named John Meffert, according to nbcnews.com.  The 17 year veteran with the Avalon Fire Department had this to say:

"I think the biggest thing was approaching the airplane and thinking, 'If I don't see movement, I'm staying back, because I don't want to be a victim myself."

"The wife, her head pops up ... if she can be there, I can figure out a way to be there, too," he said.

According to his report there were fewer flames on the passenger side of the plane and he was able to pull the man out of the plane with the help of the woman passenger. Others on the freeway stopped with fire extinguishers and helped put out the flames.

"I wasn't even thinking about my own safety," Meffert said.

Meffert was a true hero that day, likely saving the lives of both passengers.  Fellow motorist who helped put out the intense flames deserve some credit as well.

Miraculously, everyone survived and Captain Meffert had this to add, according to nbcnews.com:


"I was really amazed. They weren't burned," Meffert said. "So, you know, a lot of people had angels over them today."

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