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Guy Who Calls Himself "The Wheelie King" Bites It Big Time

Talk about a reversal of fortune. One quad rider who thought he was "The Wheelie King" found out real quick that he was actually closer to being "The King of Wipeouts." A humbling experience, no doubt. You live and you learn though, right?

Well, unfortunately for our sorry wheelie-er, he didn't get to just dust himself off, move on from his mistake, and forget the whole thing ever happened. That's because his brother recorded the entire thing and uploaded it to YouTube. So, this guy now has to relive this embarrassing experience again. And again. And again. And again. Aren't brothers the best?


Here's how the failed wheelie experiment went down, according to the guy who filmed it.

Per ViralHog:

We had a crappy quad and we didn't think it would run. That afternoon, we got it to start. After multiple spins around the block, we all began to wheelie. After a few failed attempts, my brother got on the bike and said "I'm the wheelie king" while reviving the bike. He continued to rev the bike and let the clutch go way too quickly causing the bike to fly. My brother fell off the bike and the quad hit our friend's new 2018 Toyota Tacoma. My brother got a few bad scrapes and our friend's truck needed some paint.

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Yikes. To add insult to injury, after the massive wipeout, the quad rider's bro gets right up in his face and just starts laughing maniacally. That had to hurt worse than a few scrapes. A punch of shame right to the gut, for sure.

Now, on top of the wheelie wipeout and the surrounding shame, our so-called king also took a hit to his wallet, because I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume the buddy with the Tacoma made him pay for the paint job. Man, this guy is due for a win. And soon.

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