dog park parking lot incident
YouTube: ViralHog

Confrontation at Dog Park Ends in Parking Lot Crash


What we've got here is a instance of parking lot confrontation that resulted in a little bit of collateral damage. The whole thing went down at a dog park in Roswell, Georgia, and while there isn't too much info regarding the incident, the description in the above video provides some backstory.

"Two vehicles were racing around the neighborhood, screaming at one another," the description reads. "The small car was asking for her things back and chasing down the SUV. The SUV then pulled into a parking space, in which she then blocked the SUV in. The passenger of the SUV took off when he realized the situation he was in. The driver got out and yelled, the small car quickly reversed, lost control and hit the other parked cars. Then they both left before the cops could come."

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Now, based on the description, this doesn't seem to be a confrontation between two strangers, but probably involved a domestic issue or a disagreement between friends. Whatever the case, this whole scene made for quite the cat-and-mouse situation.

The circumstances behind the cause of the conflict aside, can you imagine being the owner of the car that got backed into? Talk about parking in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, obviously there isn't an ideal place for any sort of shenanigans like this to go down. But, at a dog park? Come on now. That's one of the last places where you want to be driving erratically. Imagine if an innocent pupper happened to be in the path of one of the cars?

It sucks to even think about, but just goes to show that heated scenarios such as this are never, ever worth it, especially while behind the wheel.

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