The surviving driver was the only one who could recognize this car after a crash

It's hard to believe that the driver of the Mustang walked away without a scratch; it's difficult to imagine a world where this driver even survived this crash, but he did, so now we'll ridicule him.

The crash in Seattle didn't involve inclement weather, the sidewalk looks dry and the sun actually might be out, but it does involve a man-child and his Mustang. So goes the beginning of many great stories.

The man in question was allegedly driving 90 mph on a narrow Seattle street that just so happened to have a 35 mile per hour speed limit. Because that's entirely too fast, his car spun wildly out of control and hit a pole, essentially disintegrating.

Again, it is miraculous anyone could survive this.

Police are investigating whether to charge the driver, and a lot is still unclear. Like what was this guy's motivation to endanger the lives of everyone around him? Was it based on a desire to establish some low bar for "manhood?" Could it have been because he lives every moment of his life like he's outside a cars and coffee? Or maybe he was just trying to make it to Blue Star in Portland before they run out of delicious donuts; that's actually understandable.

But lock that question away and stow it in some secret government warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant, because we'll likely never know.

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