Mustang YouTube: ThatDudeinBlue

The Ford Mustang has definitely received a lot of hate in the last few years. With the advent of memes and compilation videos, we have been shown a car that not only crashes into every available object but people as well.

This has not been good for the image of the Mustang and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the joke. Surely, there are just as many crashes at in cars like the Camaro or Dodge’s Challenger/Charger lineup, but we don’t hear about them often because the blood has been in the water for the Mustang for way too long. People tend to want to keep an existing joke going rather than attempt a new one and this isn’t any different.

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In the above video, ThatDudeinBlue takes a close look at the cultural phenomenon known as the Ford Mustang. David goes over what he thinks are the reasons for the bad name the Mustang has made for itself, but also why it’s so loved. You can’t argue with how many people still buy the car.

David ends with a personal family story on his own Mustang and a long lost Buick owned by his Grandfather. Sure, it’s an ad, but that is one touching ad.

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