florida driver jumps drawbridge
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Wild Surveillance Footage Shows Driver Smashing Through Traffic Arm and Launching Over Drawbridge

We've all had those dreams of jumping a drawbridge with a vehicle and sticking the landing on the other side of the road. For most, that stunt will always just remain a dream, but if any driver were going to attempt it, it had to be a Floridian. That's exactly what happened here, and this driver was captured on video catching air as they launched over the gap while the drawbridge was opening.

You know, the Hyundai Santa Fe isn't exactly known for its ability to handle jumps, but this driver didn't seem to find much problem with attempting it anyway. I might have considered this to be accidental, until I saw the part where the driver smashed right through the retractable arms with big red lights on them. It was pretty clear this bridge was opening, however, this driver didn't have time to be sitting around waiting like some chump.

As you'll see, this person slams through the barrier, smashing their windshield in the process before proceeding onward. The road starts to elevate, and we see the Hyundai get all four tires a few inches off of the ground before landing on the other side of the gap. It may have looked relatively smooth, but I can assure you that was likely a very bumpy ride on the inside. Not to mention there were probably glass shards flying around as well. There was another driver on the opposite side of the road waiting, and I can only imagine their thoughts as this car blew by them.

I'll tell you what, this driver was lucky that was timed as well as it was. A few seconds later, and that bridge would have sent that car flying sky high. I'll give them credit for actually being able to drive away from it, but authorities might have a few other things to say about the stunt as soon as they track down the actual driver.

This post was originally published on May 6, 2021.

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