florida man hits woman with pickup truck
YouTube: 10 Tampa Bay

Florida Man Hits Woman With Pickup at Cracker Barrel and Keeps Driving


I've seen some crazy stuff happen in Florida, but this is just wild. A security camera aimed at a Cracker Barrel parking lot in Fort Myers captured the moment that a Ford pickup truck hauling a trailer ran over a 49-year-old woman. To make things even stranger, the driver just continued driving as if nothing had even happened.

In the clip above, you'll see exactly how things played out in real time. We see the woman walking out into the parking lot, before kneeling on the ground right around where the shadows were from the trees. A pickup truck pulls into the parking lot shortly after this, and parks just a few feet away from her. Surely, you would assume he saw her, especially when you consider the fact that he then gets out of the truck and fiddles around with a few things in the pickup bed for a while.

By the time he gets back into the driver's seat, the woman is still essentially in the same exact position. Once the truck starts to pull away, the right front tire makes contact with the woman and completely rolls over her. This left her seriously injured, but fortunately, the rear wheel and trailer wheels missed her. Any rational person at this point would stop the vehicle and see what they just hit, but this pickup driver continues on without a care in the world. The woman ended up calling 911 while still laying on the ground, but by the time authorities got there, he was long gone.

She was transported to the local hospital and treated for her injuries. According to the initial report in early March, police were still searching for the driver, but hopefully they've found him by now. This all just goes to show what could happen if you're not paying enough attention to your surroundings while driving. The charges for this one will be pretty severe, so hopefully they eventually track the guy down.

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