florida man falls on top of dealership car
YouTube: ViralHog

Rowdy Florida Man Crashes Down Onto Car at Dealership


Crazy stuff goes down in Florida. You, your mom, and your grandma (who probably lives in Florida) all know it. But, recently, it looks like the craziness of the Sunshine State has really ratcheted up even beyond usual levels. Things are getting so weird and wild there that dudes are straight-up falling from the sky and onto cars.

Owners of a used car dealership in Fort Myers got to witness this strange phenomenon for themselves, as security camera footage from outside the dealership shows a Florida Man plummeting from the heavens and denting up a dealership car with his Florida Man body.

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"We run a small used car dealership here in Fort Myers," reads the video's description. "We came into work, we were shocked to see a huge dent in the roof of a 2016 luxury sedan. We looked at the video from the security cameras to see if they held the answer to that crazy dent. There we saw that at 4:00 a.m. that morning, something fell from the roof of the building and hit the car, it was a person! We found one of the ladders that we keep behind a fence, was leaning up against the building in the back. We plan on locking up our ladders from now on. You never know when some crazy person may want to get on your roof in the middle of the night."

Clearly, this dude wasn't sober. He was definitely drunk and, if I had to guess, probably high as well. And, you know the famous saying: "Drunk, high, and body slamming cars in a dealership lot is no way to go through life." Let's hope this guy ends up getting his act together and ends up making the smooth transition from Florida Man to just plain old, law-abiding Florida resident.

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